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How to become a Capital District Track Official

Although the recruitment process is ongoing, the training process begins each year in January, when the CDTO offers a series of clinics (4) that must be completed by all officiating candidates. The classes are offered in the evening and each takes about 2.5 hours. Candidates will be provided with rulebooks and a course outline. Usually, one clinic is held in the Albany area, and one in the Fonda area. However, if enough interest is shown in another area of the section arrangements can be made for a third clinic. Upon the successful completion of all clinics, each candidate must complete a series of three "hands on sessions" with an experienced official, and participate in the Ken Smith Relay Meet before they can be recommended for certification.

The cost for the course, materials, and dues is $35.00. In addition, candidates must purchase shirts (usually less than $20.).

The Training Committee Chairman’s contact information is:

Dave Sammons
141 Gray Rd
Mayfield, NY 12117
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

It is best to contact him initially in December.



The following information refers to CDTO’s training clinic classes for people wishing to become NYS and Section 2 certified track and field officials starting in the spring of 2014:
1.      New officials’ training classes are scheduled to be held at Colonie HS from 6:00-8:30 PM on Jan 9, 15, 23, with February 6 as a “snow date”.  The fee for these classes is $35.00, which includes this year’s rule book. 
2.      Following successful completion of these 3 training classes, trainees will also need to attend the 3 general membership meetings of our Capital District Track Officials scheduled for Feb 12th (written tests will be handed out and a rules interpretation will be given), March 12th, and June 11th.  All of these required general membership meetings are scheduled for 7 PM at Shaker HS.
3.      Once you pass your written test (it’s a take home, open book exam), you will be assigned a mentor official to work 3 regular season meets with you to provide you with some “on the track and field practical experiences”, and with tips that might be hard to find in a rule book.. 
4.      Your final training requirement is to officiate at the “Ken Smith Meet” held at Broadalbin Perth HS on a Saturday in April (date TBA).  At this meet you will be evaluated on your “mechanics” and how you perform as an official.  You also can ask questions and will receive valuable advice from certified officials.
5.      Once you have successfully completed all of these steps, you will be eligible for meet assignments for pay. 
6.      During your first year as a certified official, our assignor will try to pair you with an experienced official who will continue to provide you with assistance and advice at the meets you are doing together.
If this sounds interesting to you and you want to become a Certified NYS Track & Field Official and officiate in Section 2, please call 518-661-5637 to register before classes begin on January 9, 2014.  We hope to hear from you soon.